Latico Heritage Laptop Merger Briefcase

Latico Heritage Laptop Merger Briefcase For the classy gents out there, the Latcio Heritage Laptop Merger Briefcase is a stylish messenger/briefcase man bag. Coming in Brown, Darker Brown and Black (I refuse to use Cafe as a color), it will hold your laptop  along with all your other gizmos inside the various pockets. Latico Leathers makes some beautiful bags. They are also the source of the bags for the big name label and while their name reminds me of a quote from Arested Development (Let Lilly Lick Lionel’s Lusty Leathers), they do make some smashing bags. Okay enough praise for the company, it’s really just cause I like saying the name.  I could definitely see myself needing one of these if I had a big meeting at a studio or something. Man bag? It’s borderline, but I think so.

Latico Heritage Laptop Merger Briefcase – $190


  1. britt wrote:

    I like this. think it’s too manly for me to carry around shiloh? I’m also looking for something light-weight..any suggestions along these lines? I like the Camel color. This one looks great, although a little on the simple side as far as exterior design goes…help a girl out Jackson.